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Individual lessons are $52.50 per 45 minutes. Save money by purchasing a package. Sign up for a session to receive even more savings and benefits.

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Sessions - Online Voice Lessons & Hybrid Lessons

Session students receive a regular, weekly lesson time slot in the schedule, in addition to all of the added bonuses of being an OVS studio member. Students will select a half hour, forty-five minute, or hour lesson weekly as available. Session members can do online lessons only, or if you are within driving distance of the west side of Cincinnati, you may optionally choose to take advantage of in-person weeks offered once a month in lieu of your online lesson those weeks.

Each lesson may consist of technical warm ups, a quick sight singing exercise, and song work. This usually includes technical work, fine tuning, and polishing the songs after they are learned. Lessons are created based on the desires of the student.

As needed, online, video and flex-fit lessons are interchangeable.

Spring Session

January 9 -
May 19

No lessons January 30 - February 3 and April 24 - 28

Two bonus weeks

Summer Session

June 5 -
August 4

No lessons July 10 - July 14

One bonus week

Fall Session

August 21 -
December 15

No lessons November 20 - 24

Two bonus weeks


If desired, during our initial fit meeting (or at any time) we may choose to add on to your virtual singing lessons keyboarding skills for singers (self-sufficiency and self-accompaniment), music reading, audition preparation, competition preparation or even additional opportunities such as a solo mini-recital, help preparing for a recording, or other additions that are desired or determined to be of use for your goals. These add-ons may require additional lesson time, or additional costs for things like recital space, accompanist fees, recording studio time, etc. as these things will be outside of the studio.

Flex-fit Sessions

Completely asynchronous, these lessons always fit your schedule! Record at your own time and pace, and get feedback throughout the week. These are recommended for adult and advanced students who are able to self-assess and work alone along with some additional guidance. They are also wonderful for students in a different time zone. These lessons are typically geared towards song preparation, though technique work will be included as needed. Flex-fit lessons are held via the Marco Polo app or Seesaw app (both free). The flex-fit sessions run concurrently with the sessions.

As needed, flex-fit lessons are interchangeable with online lessons or video lessons.

Non-session Offerings

Individual lessons and packages are available without session registration at a non-contracted rate as long as there is an opening in the schedule. These can be helpful if you need a touch up, have an audition coming up or have an irregular schedule.

Available as online lessons, video or flex-fit/asynchronous lessons.