Welcome to Owens Vocal Studio

Beginner & Advanced Voice Lessons

Experience the joy of discovering your voice.


  • …the stage and spotlight feel like home and you want to keep growing and honing your skills.
  • …you’re tired of fighting against your own body/instrument and want to find a way to work with it instead.
  • …for you, singing is scary.
  • …you’ve had someone tell you that you don’t sing very well, or you just don’t like the sound of your own voice or you feel like you can’t sing.
  • …your director has told you that you aren’t loud enough or you’re not doing it good enough.
  • …you’ve always wondered if you could sing.

I love teaching singers like you. Singers who know there is more out there and are anxious to find it. Singers who want to play, learn, discover and accomplish their goals but they just don’t know how. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced singer, the process of learning or re-learning to sing often feels chaotic and overwhelming. I’m here to be a calm presence, a steady source of encouragement and guidance as you learn about your voice and embrace all that it (and you) are meant to be.

Here at OVS we work in a different way. While we can and will learn your songs and work on them in all the traditional vocal lesson ways, we will also work more indirectly with your entire body - i.e. your instrument. Why? Because that further upstream work is often where the things that truly affect our voices lie and by going there, we’re creating true change that isn’t just a throwing a quick band-aid on the problem. We do this by using Alexander Technique principles which enable you to truly release tension and find ease and joy in your singing.

You can:

  • know about your own voice (not a “should be” voice)
  • find freedom and ease
  • find the ways to sing most efficiently/functionally for your body-instrument
  • choose how your voice will sound to bring the message you want into the world
  • find joy in the voice that you possess
  • feel accomplished in your voice and using it however you wish