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Knowledge. Freedom. Efficiency. Joy. Accomplishment.

Beginner & Advanced Voice Lessons

Experience the joy of discovering your voice.

Singers learn best when they are aware — aware of their bodies, their minds, their sensations, their struggles, their goals. Their awareness empowers them to make the creative choices and sounds they’ve always dreamed of.

And sometimes, to develop that awareness, you need a coach. A mentor. A teacher.

That’s me.

I’m Tiffany, and I love teaching singers like you. Singers who are ready for more. Who want to play, learn, discover, explore, and accomplish their goals… rather than just wishing they could. Whether you are looking for beginner or advanced voice lessons, the process of learning to sing can often feel chaotic and overwhelming. And I’m here to be that calm presence, the steady source of encouragement and guidance as you learn about your voice and embrace all that it (and you) are meant to be.

Learn About Your Voice! Love Your Voice!

  • Find freedom and ease in your singing
  • Reduce tension
  • Improve your sound
  • Gain efficiency and consistency in your vocal production
  • Improve your confidence and find joy in singing
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfill your vocal potential
  • Take on new learning and challenge your brain
  • Express yourself through your voice with stylistically appropriate singing
  • Build your musical skills
  • Beginner & Advanced Voice Lessons
  • Add on areas of focus to address your needs and interests such as basic piano, solo recitals and feedback between lessons

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